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Flash-animated Webcomic!

Posted by Airfaerie95 - September 7th, 2014

Hey everybody! Just wanted to make a little announcement of sorts before I forget.

I'm making a Flash-based partially-animated webcomic called the Dreamcatcher's Masquerade. It's been in the works for a long time but just recently started updating on a weekly basis. :)

I posted the promo/intro chapter here a couple years ago, so if anyone happens to have seen it and liked it at all, it's finally now being continued!

I plan on hopefully making each chapter available on Newgrounds and/or DeviantArt once it's completed, but weekly updates will be only on the official website.

Read here!

Official Facebook page

Genre: Fantasy / SurrealĀ 
Updates: WEDNESDAYS!!!

Thank you~! <3


Comments (3)

Wait, you've been here since '07, and this is your first newspost? I've been a fan for quite a while, and just noticed a new piece from you today!

Hmm, by posting regularly (once every week or two), gains more fans by getting regular exposure in the Art Portal... spamming the portal with a bunch of art at once might be okay to start off, but damn, I thought you died!

Haha yes. I'm not sure how I never ended up having any news posts before this.

Thank you for the advice! :)
I have other places where I post art much more regularly (Tumblr, Facebook, etc), but I tend to be pretty picky about what I put up here because of the rating system. I do realize that's a bad habit though lol so I'll try to post on NG a bit more often.

I think you're at the point now, where all your stuff's gonna be over 4 stars, and you don't have to post all your submissions to the Art Portal - only your fans would know about new uploads...

Thank you! :)
That's actually quite encouraging. And I do tend to forget that I can post without it going into the art portal, so I may start taking advantage of that.

Happy Halloween dear :) I wish more artists would take advantage of that option... not everything has to be up front, because your true fans will appreciate, what you would/might consider, lesser works.

A young woman from Cali http://metroidgirl.newgrounds.com/ reminded me of this guy's work http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roy_Lichtenstein recently... sometimes I wonder if I grew up in the internet age, if I'd have an appreciation for art, as I do now. Old people can be so complex..